What’s made me proud?

Passing my driving test

Being told by the Aftersales Director that I was 'one for the future'.

Naomi - Support Apprentice, Apprenticeships

Meet Naomi - Support Apprentice

  • Why did you choose to work for MAN?

    I chose to work for MAN because it came across to me as an attractive company with lots of opportunities to progress and learn.

  • Describe what it’s like to work here in three words.

    Dynamic, exciting and encouraging.

  • What do you get up to in a typical week?

    In a typical week my tasks always tend to vary, being an apprentice I am always learning new things and being trained to complete new tasks. My jobs vary from completing assignments to completing tasks in my team such as order management.

  • What’s been your proudest moment at work?

    My proudest moment at work was being told by the Aftersales Director that I was ‘one for the future’ for doing well in my previous role of Parts.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    I think that all the employees here at MAN are successful, as everyone is always willing to put the effort in to help the company out and wants to do well; not just for themselves but also for the business.

  • How have you and your career developed since you joined us?

    I have now been doing my apprenticeship here at MAN for two years. When I first started I had zero knowledge about trucks or the commercial vehicle industry. I began in a department called R&M and I have now moved around the business in two other departments. I have received the knowledge that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else.

  • What’s the best thing about working for MAN?

    The best thing working for MAN is how welcoming and supportive the people are. I have met some great people who have been helpful and supportive throughout my Apprenticeship so far.

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