What’s made me proud?

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Being promoted to Branch Manager: the recognition for working hard for five years as a workshop controller and being given that opportunity.

Jason - General Manager Aftersales, Aftersales & Service

Meet Jason - General Manager Aftersales

  • Why did you choose to work for MAN?

    I was offered an HGV apprenticeship with MAN, and it appeared to offer the best training, development and employment opportunity.

  • Describe what it’s like to work here in three words.

    Challenging, innovative and frustrating.

  • What do you get up to in a typical week?

    Looking after two sites; I get involved with all aspects of the branch operation. Overseeing workshop daily routines, which will include servicing and maintenance through to complex vehicle problems. Checking in with parts development and activities. Customer visits and meetings. Managing and sorting any invoice problems. Managing and tracking financial performance. Handling staff issues. Sales meetings and reviews. Dealing with and keeping up to date with health and safety and site management.

  • What’s been your proudest moment at work?

    Being promoted to Branch Manager. The recognition for working hard for five years as a workshop controller and to be given the opportunity when I was considered to not have enough experience. That was a good feeling.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    A sense of humour allied with hard work, dedication and commitment. You need to be organised, and be able to prioritise workloads. Lastly, a dynamic and flexible mind-set will be an asset to anyone looking to succeed.

  • How have you and your career developed since you joined us?

    I started here in 2002 as a technician apprentice. Since qualifying I have taken on roles as Workshop Controller, Branch Manager and General Manager looking after two branches. 

    In myself, I have developed in many ways but I think one of my strongest assets that has developed is my people skills. Additionally, my business and financial mind has been exposed and I have loved learning and growing into this current role. I have been given the opportunity to develop and it has most certainly challenged me, but I feel I have thrived and grown in almost every way.

  • What’s the best thing about working for MAN?

    The opportunities that are available!

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