What’s made me proud?

Buying a house

Getting a promotion to head up a team. People have been very supportive of the move and the transition of roles.

Emily - Head of Order Entry & MAN Rental, Business Support

Meet Emily - Head of Order Entry & MAN Rental

  • Why did you choose to work for MAN?

    I wanted to work for a company with a tangible product and recognisable brand, I like seeing our products every day on the road. Having the chance to work at the UK head office of a company that’s part of such a huge global group was also an attraction. The people I met at my interviews were very welcoming, open and honest. Straight away it felt like a good fit for me and that I would be comfortable working with the team.

  • Describe what it’s like to work here in three words.

    Varied, interesting and friendly.

  • What do you get up to in a typical week?

    It’s quite varied, every week has a new challenge or scenario you’ve not come across before. I have catch-ups with my team to know what we’ve got on ahead of us for the week and prioritise workload. My team processes the new truck orders, so we have close contact with Sales Executives and Sales Management to understand priorities and the construction of the new truck deals to be ordered. I attend a meeting with the Heads of Department/Board Members every week to discuss that week’s big customer deals for new Truck orders. I’ll have several meetings during the week with other departments to discuss the status of ongoing projects, or offer input on a specific issue.

  • What’s been your proudest moment at work?

    Getting a promotion. I had the opportunity to move outside of Finance to a different role within the business, being promoted to head up a team. People have been very supportive of the move and the transition of roles.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    Acting with integrity and doing what you say you’ll do. Being open, honest and adaptable, especially when it comes to solving issues. If you can help someone in your team or in another department with a problem because of knowledge you have, that helps share the knowledge amongst the business and helps keep the business moving.

  • How have you and your career developed since you joined us?

    I came from a professional services/practice background, so MAN has started my career in industry and taught me everything I know about trucks so far. I love working in industry and being part of a company whose products you see driving around on the roads every day. My career developed within my initial finance business partner role, with the role growing with me as my knowledge and experience built up. My career has now progressed with a promotion and change of departments, something I have only been able to do because of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained whilst in my previous role.

  • What’s the best thing about working for MAN?

    The variety of work, no two days are the same, and the friendly people. Sometimes you forget we’re part of such a huge Volkswagen group and that Swindon is a UK head office, as it doesn’t have that corporate feel, it’s more familial.

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