Working in Finance


Finance here isn’t all about the money. The team apply their diverse skills to administering and improving the processes that enable colleagues to provide customer service that is efficient and effective.

Join the team here and you’ll be encouraged to grow your skills, contribute to continuous improvement and influence the future of the business. All while developing professionally in Finance and beyond. There’s lots of room to grow.     

  • About the team

    The team are dedicated, hardworking and proud to support the business to deliver for our customers. Everyone here understands the role they play, how they can help colleagues to work better and how that impacts on the customer experience. Everyone is positive and forward-thinking, supportive and professional. All are also efficient communicators and mediators, and all are empowered and trusted to bring their ideas to work. 

  • What it’s like to work here

    The Finance team feels like family and is not at all corporate. Everyone is passionate about service, professional in their approach and eager to make a difference. Every day is diverse and different, presenting challenge and opportunity in equal measure. And you’ll find that your views are welcome and discussions encouraged to improve systems, processes and how we work.

  • Typical projects / tasks

    Depending on which team you join within Finance, you might be managing cash flow, setting up new customer records, managing debt or resolving queries. Tasks can also be involved with Tax or VAT, record-keeping or reporting.

    As Finance is focused on continuous improvement, you can also get involved with ad hoc projects. That includes for automation or digitisation of processes, designing commission schemes or budgeting and forecasting. 

  • Our approach to learning

    Everyone here is encouraged to explore their strengths, develop their skills and acquire professional qualifications. That’s all supported by learning programmes, on-the-job training, in-house courses and CPD built-into your annual appraisal.

  • Career pathways

    There’s an established tradition of people progressing in Finance, whether from temporary to senior, permanent positions, or by diversifying their skills and spring boarding into other departments and areas. Apply your passion, work hard and be proactive in applying for higher level positions and you’ll find there are many opportunities to develop a rounded, progressive career with MAN.

What’s made me proud?

Buying a house

Getting a promotion to head up a team. People have been very supportive of the move and the transition of roles.

Emily – Head of Order Entry & MAN Rental, Business Support

Meet Emily

What’s made me proud?

My boy walking my wife down the aisle

When my promotion announcement was made to MTB UK.

Jake – Finance Operations Manager, Business Support

Meet Jake