Hear some of The Pride’s voices

What makes us proud?

Talking about what makes us proud can feel awkward, but here at MAN, we know it’s important to celebrate our successes inside and outside work. When we do, we embrace collaboration and create connections. It’s often easier to be proud of other people, but we want our teams to own their achievements and moments of pride. There’s power and positivity behind sharing our accomplishments, so in this blog, we hear some of The Pride’s voices about their personal goals, milestones in their career and more. 

Alan’s our Health & Safety Manager. “Outside work, I’m proud of serving my country in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) and completing my Colour Service, and the support of my family. Inside MAN, I’m proud to be part of a target-driven, solution-orientated and inclusive business.”

Working as Technical Manager, Jefferson’s moments of pride inside and outside the workplace involve his daughter: “She was the only girl in 18 great-grandchildren! I took her on the Manchester Paralympic parade as MAN driver for the athletes.”

Archie works in Sales and was proud to buy his first property when he was 20. At work, there have been many great moments to choose from. “One that sticks out was signing my first order at TipEx 2019 in front of my mentor and other colleagues. I had worked very hard on the deal, putting pen to paper felt like a massive relief but also so exciting. It was such a good feeling to get off the mark too. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. I look forward to, hopefully, a long and successful career.”

Michelle in Governance is proud of her children and their passion for her job. “It does make me smile when my young son corrects people on their pronunciation when clarifying that Mummy works for M.A.N not man.”

Let these moments of pride inspire you to share what you’re proud of. Keep a look out for further blogs that share our people’s voices – to join us, search our roles, and you could soon be part of The Pride.

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