Experience isn’t everything.

Your career is something to take pride in. So, when the time comes to make a change or try something new, it’s worth knowing that experience isn’t always necessary. 

Too many people miss out on opportunities because they don’t believe they have what it takes to be successful. At MAN, we know what to look for in candidates and members of our Pride. Take working in Sales, for example – a massive assumption is that HGV (heavy goods vehicle experience) is a must. But that’s not the case. We know that our teams thrive because of their skills and approach. Some people have exceptional sales experience but no HGV experience. Others are HGV experts but have never sold to customers. We believe in both because to be successful with us, all it takes is skills and potential. Training and support can bridge any gap, so we look for people with the right approach rather than sector experience. Everyone’s experience – personal and professional – has value. Other sectors offer interesting insight and perspective. All it takes is a positive spark to realise potential, and that’s something we recognise. 

Recently, we launched a recruitment campaign using social media and job board advertising to see who could bring their unique experience and skills to our Sales team. Tracey Perry, Director of Truck, was impressed with the varied and eclectic mix of candidates: “We saw X applications and moved quickly to arrange 50 interviews over two days. After making ten offers, we only have three vacancies remaining, and we’re confident that the right people will soon join us. The right candidate can come from anywhere if they have the right approach, so we welcome people ready to transfer their skills or try something new.”

For many applicants – and successful Pride members – it’s a case of minimum experience but maximum potential. We work with our people to make sure they can thrive across the business by utilising their skills and willingness to learn. Sometimes, a role transition is obvious and beneficial for all; Ryan’s technician-to-sales career is a fantastic example. He’s thriving after an internal move 15 months after joining us as a technician. Truck sales appealed to him, and he knew he could apply his understanding of our products and their capabilities. This kind of insight is invaluable to customers and careers!

“I've seen how MAN trucks are built to perform and deliver for our customers. I can't wait to share that expertise to help them find the perfect truck. This move into sales is a new challenge for me, but I'm embracing it - I believe my technical knowledge, combined with my passion for customer service, shows I’m ready to deliver.”

We never assume that someone isn’t the right fit for a role – and neither should you. Sometimes, all it takes is having confidence in your transferrable skills or knowledge. Other times, training and support can top off an ambitious and determined mindset. 

Now you know we value skills and ambition over experience, is there a role for you at MAN? Let’s find out. Search our current vacancies or learn more about the Pride.

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