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Shaping the Future Together

Reliable, innovative, dynamic and open. That makes us attractive and respected. And that‘s just how we are at MAN – a top notch European company. Created by people, acting for people.

We not only want to cultivate these values - we want to live them as well. Together with you! At whatever level you choose to join us, you will immediately be faced with challenging tasks and dealing with pioneering products.

People are our most valuable resource

The employees are the most valuable part of the company. With their diverse talents, wealth of ideas and willingness to achieve, they secure the MAN 's leading position. That's why we attach great importance to the choice of applicants and introduce young qualified employees to responsible tasks in our executive development system at an early stage. And that bears fruit. Meanwhile 80% of our top management positions are held by internally "raised" employees.

Young people are a guarantee for our future success

An enthusiasm for technical professions cannot be awakened early enough. With this in mind, we organise factory tours, discussion groups, practical training or trainee programmes to give pupils and students an early opportunity to become acquainted with our company and its products.

Initiative Pays

It is of critical importance that we find a way of productively exploiting the knowledge and skills of our employees to the full. Part of this is to provide suitable incentives so that commitment and performance pay off. Those who are resourceful and introduce improvements will reap the benefits of their own initiative. With the continuous improvement process (CIP) and the suggestion system, MAN turns employees‘ potential and ideas into productive use. Ideas whose implementation brings about improvements or savings are of benefit to the whole company and generate an appropriate reward to the employees or the team originating them.

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